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Fresh Food

A Well-known Fresh Food Company's Logistics Center In South Korea

This fresh food company was founded in 1997 in Korea. It is a federation established by several primary cooperatives with nearly 300,000 members and 2 large production sites today, producing nearly 2,000 kinds of fair and healthy food.

The production mode of this company emphasizes community participation: consumers are producers as well. Its production process aims at avoiding damage to the natural environment and focuses on food safety to provide better food and quality of life for Korean people.

Project Introduction

The project focuses on a three-in-one goods-to-person system powered by HWArobotics for cross-docking, returns, and inventory processing.


To complement the food logistic system, HWArobotics has also provided OPS, WCS, conveyors, goods-to-person sorting stations, and a 4-aisle AS/RS with multi-layer shuttle robot system. This improves the storage density and frees up a lot of storage space, satisfying the client’s massive storage needs and significantly reducing its warehousing and operational costs.


Food Automated Warehouse Solutions

Automated warehouse solutions have numerous benefits for the food industry, enhancing flexibility, reducing order fulfillment time, improved efficiency and food safety, and improved inventory management, etc.


HWArobotics provides customized food fulfillment solutions, which help the food industry with the flexibility to adapt to changing demands, reduce order fulfillment time, automate manual processes, and cope with higher outputs. If you want to stay competitive and achieve operational excellence in a dynamic industry, choose us for a win-win result.

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