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JD.com fully-unmanned warehouse “Asia No 1” in Shanghai

JD.com (stock code: JD) is a self-operated e-commerce enterprise listed on NASDAQ Stock Exchange in the United States. As a professional comprehensive online shopping mall, JD.com features tens of thousands of brands and 40.2 million products of 13 major categories, including household appliances, mobile phones, computers, mother and baby products, and clothing. HWArobotics has undertaken the phase III project for JD.com “Asia No.1” logistics center to implement fully automated systems in processes including receiving, storage, picking, packing, sorting, and dispatching in this completely unmanned warehouse.

Project Introduction

This smart warehouse is the first fully unmanned warehouse constructed worldwide and put into large-scale operation (receiving, storage, picking, and packing). Also, this is the first case of using robots in split picking.


The fully unmanned warehouse project for JD.com “Asia No.1” in Shanghai covers an area of 40,000 square meters with the main body of the logistics center composed of four operating systems for receiving, storage, picking, and packing. It is the first fully unmanned logistics center constructed and put into large-scale use for JD.com Logistics.


In January 2018, the project was put into operation in Jiading, Shanghai. The unmanned warehouse handles the receiving, storage, packing, sorting, and dispatching of 200,000 orders of 3C and other products every day with everything running seamlessly and smoothly.


In the e-commerce industry, smart warehouse systems apply advanced technologies and automation to optimize warehouse operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction in the context of online retail to enable seamless order fulfillment, inventory management, and logistics processes.


By implementing HWArobotics smart warehouse solutions, e-commerce businesses can significantly enhance their operational efficiency, customer experience, and competitive advantage. These solutions optimize order fulfillment processes, improve inventory management, enable predictive analytics, and leverage automation technologies to meet the growing demands of the online retail environment.

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