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Electronic Manufacturing

Joyson Safety Systems's intelligent manufacturing plant in Ningbo

Joyson Safety Systems is a subsidiary of Joyson Electronic Corp. (SHA: 600699, Joyson Electronics). Joyson Safety Systems is the world’s second largest supplier of automotive safety systems, operating globally in 98 cities in 25 countries. As a global leader in mobility safety, it provides active and passive safety-critical components, systems, and technology to OEMs worldwide. Joyson Safety Systems has been providing expertise in both active and passive auto safety globally for more than 100 years.

Project Introduction

Joyson Electronics’s global demonstration project; a success story showing how goods-to-person systems can be employed in material handling on the production line.


As a general integrator, HWArobotics has provided a one-stop solution for Joyson Safety Systems’ intelligent manufacturing plant, enabling fully automated material handling to improve production efficiency greatly.


The core equipment includes an AS/RS system with multi-level shuttles, a conveyor system, cross-level cargo lifts, and a goods-to-person picking system. At the same time, HWArobotics is equipped with a digital twin system to connect with various intelligent logistics systems to create the “strongest brain” for intelligent logistics, enabling information-based operations in the logistics center and real-time monitoring of the operating state of each equipment for timely alerts.


In 2021, the project was officially put into operation successfully.


Electronic Manufacturing Logistics

In the electronic manufacturing industry, smart warehouse systems apply advanced technologies and automation to optimize warehouse operations, enhance productivity, and improve efficiency in the context of manufacturing electronic devices and components.


HWA provides a one-stop solution, including automated warehouse storage system, shuttle system, racking system, control system, management system, etc. These systems optimize material handling, improve inventory management, enable real-time quality control, and leverage data analytics to drive continuous improvement and ensure the timely delivery of high-quality electronic products. By using our smart warehouse solutions, companies can achieve higher levels of productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in their operations.

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