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A Well-konwn Apparel Company In Spain Cooperated With HWArobotics

This company was founded in 1965, and is the largest fashion and sports brand headquartered in Spain. It mainly manufactures footwear, clothing for football, other related items and casual wear.

This famous company in the clothing industry has set up several branches around the world and is the market leader in Europe and South America.

Project Introduction

To meet the sorting needs of the garment industry, HWArobotics has developed a goods-to-person system solution to boost the sorting efficiency for this company, increase the warehouse storage space, and improve the inventory accuracy and timely dispatch rate, transforming and upgrading the logistics center to add intelligence and flexibility. A multi-layer shuttle robot system is used in the logistics center to empower the 6-aisle AS/RS containing 70,680 storage units.


Apparel Fulfillment and Logistics Solutions


Apparel fulfillment and logistics solutions provide significant advantages for companies in the apparel industry. These solutions are designed to efficiently manage the complexities of inventory management, order fulfillment, and seasonal fluctuations in demand.


HWArobotics offers apparel e-commerce fulfillment solutions that can increase order fulfillment capacity, reduce operating costs, meet manufacturing and fulfillment demands in Busy Seasons. Through our scalable apparel warehouse systems, businesses can enhance their competitiveness, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve operational excellence.

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