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SLS300 Shuttle & GTP System For Modern Tool Manufacturing Industry | HWArobotics

Publish time:2023-04-21

HWArobotics powers tool manufacturing industry to create intelligent warehousing and logistics system.


In recent years, with the continuous rise of land cost and labor cost, as well as the diversification of manufacturing product regulations, orders for the efficiency of input and output increased significantly. Intelligent shuttle robot warehousing and logistics system has attracted the attention of enterprises, more and more widely used, and the scale of market demand is also growing.


Intelligent shuttle robot system is an innovative product of warehousing and logistics technology. HWA has a full series of shuttle robot system, including: standard case-handling AS/RS shuttle system, variable tot-handling shuttle robot system, sorting shuttle robot, four-directional AS/RS shuttle robot, pallet shuttle system (normal temperature & low temperature). With the gradual maturation of key technologies such as battery, communication and network, intelligent shuttle robots have been applied in many industries. The application of shuttle robot system has greatly solved the problem of intensive storage and fast access of goods.


HWArobotics PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “HWArobotics”) and Ganzhou Achteck Tool Technology Co., LTD to create alloy tool industry automation, intelligent, modern warehousing and logistics system, changed the traditional single storage and selecting model, through advanced automation technology to ensure that the whole logistics process can be efficient and orderly operated.



*Customer Introduction*


Ganzhou AchTeck Tool Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhangyuan Tungsten Industry Co., LTD. (Stock code: 002378), with a registered capital of 1.65 billion yuan. The company has more than 700 employees, and its main products are: carbide coated blades, carbide bars, etc. The company has the world’s advanced carbide tool production technology, products covering turning, milling, drilling processing applications, in the automotive, energy, mold, general machinery, aerospace and other fields have a wide range of applications.




The automated storage project has a total of 2 aisles, 19 floors, 7,600 storage bits, 16,789 SKUs (including batches), 10 million pieces of system stock, and 12 shuttles for federated storage, meeting the storage requirements of the current stage and future growth stage of Achteck.



*Item pain points*

1.The logistics storage and selection of blade products are original and single, and still adopt the form of traditional partition shelf;

2. Basically rely on manual operation, manual handling, low efficiency, low quality of work, logistics link error rate is high;

3. The warehouse utilization rate is not high, to establish intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, maximize the space utilization rate.



*Project Highlights*

1. HWArobotics provides high effiency inter-level lifts to maximize the utilization rate of shuttle on each layer, saving project budget, and improving the overall logistic efficiency.

2. Set up a multi-functional workstation, inbound, outbound, picking and packaging arbitrary switch, equipment input at the same time to meet the needs of goods access and delivery.

3. In view of the variety of goods and different product specifications, the principle of rainbow storage method is adopted, and a box of 8 grids is adopted.



HWArobotics’s unique multi-layer shuttle robot (SLS300 series) has the highest efficiency index in the industry. The actual throughput efficiency of a single aisle can reach 2500 boxes/hour, which can realize high-speed input and outputefficiency. It is a shuttle robot type widely used in the present auotomative warehouse solution market.


SLS300 shuttle automatic storage system has strong industry applicability, can be applicated in e-commerce, book & publishing, tobacco, apparel, pharmaceutical, electronics, and many other industries.




·High storage density: efficient dual storage bit design, dense storage bit;

·Large order processing capacity: multiple shuttle parallel and federated processing storage unit;

·High equipment utilization rate: high speed of throughput can be realized to improve the sorting efficiency;

·Flexible layout: flexibly adjust the layout according to customer needs;

·Expansion convenience: the number of shuttle can be configured according to the efficiency needs of customers in different periods;

·Low power consumption: high energy efficiency components and energy saving driving scheme are adopted to save energy and reduce consumption.


HWArobotics provides solution consulting, conceptual design, project implementation, customer service, the best technology and software, and can be customized according to the specific business needs of customers, to help users realize the mode transformation from “people looking for goods” to “Goods-To-Person”.

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