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LogiMAT 2023 Comes to a Successful Close | HWArobotics

Publish time:2023-05-09

LogiMAT 2023, an international exhibition on internal Logistics Solutions and Process management, was held at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center from April 25 to 27.

As the industry’s leading logistics system equipment provider and solution technical service provider, HWArobotics carrying innovation achievements of normal temperature pallet four-directional robot system FPSS1500A and 3D shuttle robot AS/RS system SLS600 series hit the market in Europe!

As Europen largest annual exhibition for new standards of internal logistics and the most popular international logistics exhibition, LogiMAT attracts many well-known companies from all over the world every year. With the theme of “Smart – Sustainable – Safe”, the exhibition aims to explore how to achieve the sustainability and safe and reliable intelligent upgrade of internal logistics.

During the exhibition, HWArobotics’s exhibition area attracted many industry partners and on-site visitors to stop and communicate.



Four-directional shuttle robot AS/RS system SLS600 series| High storage density | Independent scheduling


HWArobotics’s SLS600 3D multi-layer shuttle can realize arbitrary conversion of aisles operations by moving the aisle horizontally and lifting the floor, and adjust the system capacity by increasing or decreasing the number of shuttles. When necessary, it can cope with the peak of the system, solve the bottleneck of warehouse entry and exit operations, and improve the efficiency of entering and leaving the warehouse. Moreover, HWrobotics SLS600 3D multi-layer shuttle system has extremely high reliability and compatibility, forming a differentiated competitive advantage in the industry.


Room temperature pallet four-directional robot system FPSS1500A | Europe Series Components | Full Electric Drive System


The FPSS1500A series adopts all-European components and all-electric drive scheme, which provides higher quality, high reliability and controllability, and lower failure rate. At the same time, the system realizes swarm intelligence of PSR system based on AI scheduling algorithm, and automatically adjusts efficiency according to the number of cars and shelf structure to achieve better efficiency.



Build brand power by product and service dual drive


Since 2022, HWArobotics has officially opened its global layout, and its business covers more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. At the same time, its business involves e-commerce, book&publishing, apparel, fresh food, pharmaceutical, electronics and other fields.

In the future, HWArobotics will continue to increase research and development, relying on years of technology precipitation in the field of shuttle vehicles and real-time and fast service ability, to empower the majority of partners, to provide users with faster, more stable, more intelligent products and services.


——We sincerely invite you for coming LET 2023——

Time:  May 18-20, 2023

Address: China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition LET

Address: China Import and Export Fair Pavilion (Zone D)

Booth: No 20. F20, Hall 1

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