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Impressive Showcase At PROMAT2023 In Chicago | HWArobotics

Publish time:2023-03-27

HWArobotics Officially Enter The North American Market | Organized by the Material Handling Industries Association (MHI), the Chicago International Logistics, Materials, Equipment and Technology Show (ProMat) is North America’s largest manufacturing and supply chain expo. The latest 3D shuttle robot AS/RS system SLS600 series developed by HWArobotics made a perfect appearance, attracting many overseas customers to visit our booth.

At the exhibition, our technical team had a wonderful exchange with visitors on our products and container level shuttle robot logistics solutions. At the same time, we are honored to discuss the development and future of industry logistics with many industry experts.

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01.HWArobotics New Product Surprise Debut

HWArobotics SLS600 3D multi-layer shuttle can realize both variable size and fifixed width shuttle robot to share the same rail. As well as allow two way shuttle and 3D shuttle share the same rail. Such rack confifiguration give more flflexibility for either existing warehouse renovation or newly built warehouse. Adjust the system capacity by increasing or decreasing the number of shuttle.

High efficiency vertical lift with higher integration degree, allowing compact integration of transfer platform, goods lift and shuttle lift within relatively small space. All the rails are Roll Down processed, with increased reliablility and cost effectiveness.

When necessary, it can cope with the peak of the system, solve the bottleneck of materil handling operations, and improve the efficiency of inboud and outbound. Moreover, HWArobotics SLS600 3D multi-layer shuttle robot system has extremely high reliability and compatibility, forming a differentiated competitive advantage in the industry.

In addition, SLS600 has good characteristics of sharing between warehouses, not only meet the overall efficiency demand but also cope with the common local short-term peak, and well solve the problem of investment waste caused by the excess configuration in some scenarios with low efficiency requirements.


02.Well-known Media Are Highly Concerned

During the exhibition, Chen Zhentian, the general manager of HWArobotics, received an exclusive interview from DCV magazine, a leading multimedia magazine brand in the American magazine market, and Peerless magazine, which is well-known in the industry. He introduced the development, products, advantages and development direction of HWArobotics in North America. “HWArobitcs is the most complete manufacturer of shuttle robot series products. Therefore, we choose to work with more integrators, so that everyone has enough choice to meet different needs. HWArobotics has 20 years of development history, product performance is far better than some well-known brands, products have high cost performance, and HWArobotics delivery projects have not failed” Mr Sky Chen said.

h5.jpg   h6.jpg

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03.The North American Journey Sets Sail Officially

HWArobotics mainly focuses on channel partners and hopes to form long-term strategic cooperative relations with the majority of integrator partners. At the same time, HWArobotics  strengthens the localization operation, strengthens the expansion of the team in each key area, realizes the fast response and the fast delivery of the project. At present, HWArobotics has set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States to provide services for North American customers.

The grand debut of ProMat is an important symbol of HWArobotics’s departure from North America. The journey of North America has officially set sail. Let’s witness it together and have a promising future.


See you next at Dortmund TEST CAMP!



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